Dobara Phir Se

Our first feature film released in November 2016! Directed by acclaimed Pakistan director Mehreen Jabbar, we had a lot of fun working on the score and the title track! Take a listen to the music and check some images from the scoring and tracking sessions!

Excerpts from Dobara Phir Se Background Score

Dobara Phir Se title track:

Music and Lyrics: Haniya Aslam;
Vocals: Haniya Aslam & Ali Hamza;
Guitar: Haniya Aslam;
Bass & Mandolin: Justin Gray;
Dhol: Gurpreet Chana;
Djembe & percussion: Thomas Muhtadi;
Ngoni & Mbira: Njacko Backo.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Justin Gray
Produced by: Haniya Aslam;

Zeb&Haniya music

Here’s some music from the Zeb & Haniya days, from 2008-2013.


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Zeb + Haniya