There have been a few distinct moments in my life when I have felt music exerting its pull, drawing me inexorably into its orbit. It feels like a game of dominos, which has been set up tile by tile, day by day, up until the day that the first tile tips. And the full pattern only emerges once the last tile falls. And it’s always magical.

In April this year I applied for the Ontario Arts Council Access grant, and in September I got the confirmation letter in the mail; the first tile of a yet unclear pattern.  This time I’d like to take some of you along for the ride. For the next two years I’m going to be learning new languages, old instruments, folk tales and shared histories. I’m not sure where all this leads to, but I can’t wait to get there!

If you’d like to know more about the project, you can read excerpts of my application here. Till the next post!